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What is an engagement session?

An engagement session is basically a portrait session of you and your loved one before the actual Big Day. Couples opt for this shoot to incorporate these pictures in the decorations of their wedding reception, or sometimes just to have a memorabilia of their time together which they can adore in their old age.

How does an engagement shoot work?

We start of by picking a location and time for the shoot together. On the day of shoot we meet at a per-determined location and just then the magic will begin. I won’t ask you to pose, instead I will set you in ‘poses’ in the most natural manner; which means i will look out for interesting, engaging backgrounds with beautiful lighting and then tell you to pose however in the way you are most comfortable in. I might instruct you to walk down a road and just when I see that perfect giggle, or loving little embrace I will capture it.​

How do we pick a location for our engagement session?

If you have a location in mind, I’d love to hear about it! Many clients know where they’d like to shoot but for those who don’t; worry not I have an amazing list of picturesque places in Sacramento that can serve as the perfect spot for engagement pictures! However, keep one thing in mind this session has to be at some place that holds meaning to you so I’d advise not to go for ‘must shoot ‘ or ‘Pinterest inspired’ places.

What days and times can our session take place?

It all depends on location and time of the year. Engagement sessions are available from Mondays to Friday and sometimes on Saturday too. The starting time for the session in summers is around 4pm while around 2pm in winters.

What should we wear for our engagement session?

Wear clothes that do not wear you out. Make sure you wear something after coordinating with your partner, anything that does not take off the attention from your face is good to go.

What else should we bring with us to our session?

Car keys, phones, make up, dress, anything that you think you might need in between the session make sure to bring it with you but in one single bag.

Can we bring our dog? Our kids? What about props?

If you have pets and kids feel free to bring them, however make sure you bring a caretaker as well so that they can take care of them while you’re away for the shoot. You need to understand that this session is meant for the two of you to share some moments and make beautiful memories, the focus is on you thereby I discourage props and anything of that sort.

We are all really nervous in front of the camera and take terrible, terrible pictures. Can you help us learn to pose?

Hey, I have been photographing weddings and engagements since a while now and there is nothing like bad pictures that exist in my memory. I know it’s easier said than done but trust me on this it’s my job to make you feel less gawky and comfortable.

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