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Bryan and Caitlin Elegant Wedding

When the whole nation celebrated the Independence Day, on July 4th 2016, Bryan and Caitlin were tied in the purest form of true love. The day marked the start of their journey together as a married couple. The first look of the happy couple was shot at The Villas at Arden Hills. Their eyes revealed their true love for each other, the kind of love that brings peace to a heart. Bryan and Caitlin were ready to take a leap of faith together towards a wonderful journey we call marriage. The groom was in awe when his eyes landed on his wife-to-be. The look in his eyes was priceless and Caitlin was mesmerized by his true love for her.

Decorated in black and white with accents of red roses, the Arden Hills Club &Spa was the location where the couple exchanged their vows. The deep roses added a touch of romance in the air. The ceremony was led by the bride’s brother, Greg. Caitlin walked down the aisle, lined by red roses in an elegant white dress that really brought a glow to her body. The couple had its eyes fixed on one another. It felt like it’s just them in the garden and everything is a blur. Both the bride and groom were really happy to become one. Promises were made to cherish the good and bad times together. Later, the couple shared dances with the loved ones, followed by a lavish buffet dinner and cocktail session. It was a day when two families became one, filled with toasts, dancing and cheers. A chapter was finished and a new beginning started where two souls finally became one.

The couple mingled with the guests for wedding photos, photo booth sessions and the guests signed lovely wishes for the newlyweds. All the lighting, decoration, music and video were arranged by the Elegant Events Media. It was a fun, romantic and a memorable wedding with lots of close friends and family. We had a great time with them and wish them all the best to begin a new chapter in their lives as a married couple.

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