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Russian Time Magazine Summer 2019 Cover Photoshoot

The photoshoot for the summer Russian Time Magazine issue took place at the Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco. This interactive museum is one of the most Instagrammed attractions in San Francisco! It attracts children, parents, tourists, bloggers, and social media influencers alike. With no historical artifacts on display, this experiential art project offers something more precious than any fancy art exhibition. It allows adults to get in touch with their inner child and remind themselves how great it was to be a happy, careless kid.

The museum feels like Neverland, where our most desirable childhood dreams come to life. It has a swimming pool filled with rainbow sprinkles, a pink banana swing, a unicorn and giant circus animal cookies that you can ride. On top of all the attractions, they have lots, and lots of different ice cream treats from some of the best local creameries! Whether you want to amaze your kids, surprise your date, make your Instagram pop with some bright catchy pictures, or just feel like a kid for a day, the Museum of Ice Cream is definitely worth a visit!

Cover Photo Credit: Olha Photography @olhaphotography

Creative Director: Anya Astapova @anyajune

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