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Showing your brand in photo

Stock photos are fine, but if you want to show off your brand's personality, you want to use pictures of the real you, your actual office, and your genuine products and services! You will be amazed at the results your personalized photos can achieve.

Your company or products are unique. Your team is hand-selected by you for their talents and abilities. You put your heart and soul into your business, so why not show that off to the world?

We can take your photos in your place of business, or if you work from your home, we can use my studio to set up a space that represents you. We will incorporate your brand colors and general aesthetic into the photos so that they match your website, social media pages, or printed material.

If you sell a product for a direct marketing company like Juice Plus, it's essential to show your buyers why you receive a unique experience when they buy from you vs. another seller of the same product. Take a look at this couple. Their kitchen is beautiful, they are healthy, vibrant, and in love! Who wouldn't want to purchase a product that gives you this lifestyle?

On the other hand, an ultrasound is personal and highly technical. You want precision and attention to detail when you receive medical care, so we make sure to show off these professionals in a way that is highly professional instead of fashionably fabulous like the photo below.

Whatever feeling or attitude you are trying to display in your branding, I can help you achieve it in your business photos. I have a background in graphic design and love a challenge when it comes to branded photoshoots. Stop using stock photos in your marketing materials!


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