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How to define your working side? 📸

Have you heard this phrase before? I think more than once.

👉🏻To find the "working" side of your face, do the following:

1. Place your phone in front of you (as we usually take a selfie or record a story), but so that your eyes are at the level of the camera!

2. Turn on the front camera.

3. Place your face in the middle of the frame.

4. We record the video, while slowly turning it to the right, then to the left.

The front camera always mirrors our reflection. If necessary, the recorded video can be reflected in video editors. In the same Inshot or any other.

Slowly watch the video, pause and take a screenshot of the angles you like. Cool ?!

✅ Similarly, we define the working side of the figure.

To do this, shoot the video in full growth and screenshoot the screen when viewing it.

If it was useful - keep it for yourself! A cheat sheet will come in handy))

😄 Did you know this method before? how you found your side?


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