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Create your perfect photo shoot💫📸✨

✨ Before ordering a shoot, check out the photographer's portfolio. This will give you a clear idea of ​​what kind of pictures you will receive in your archive!

✨Find and read reviews. Take your time! Responds - great!

✨ Instagram is a great platform for everyone. Here it is convenient for a person's life, behind the scene, and then you look and almost familiar. Awesome! If you are choosing a photographer, then trust him, this is important! Discuss all the details, what kind of pictures you want in the end, what props you want to use, etc. The more questions there are at the discussion stage, the better the result will be!

✨Make-up artist-stylist. You can create an image yourself, but if there is an opportunity - use the opportunity of the services of a master!

✨ Prepare for a photo session at least a week in advance. Pay attention to the manicure, and also do cosmetic procedures after the shooting, together with the photographer, think over clothes that are appropriate for this location and do not forget about shoes!

✨ It is better to come to the studio 10 minutes beforehand in order to find a parking place, undress and get used to the new environment! Calculate the time with traffic jams!

✨Enjoy the process!

Tune yourself and all family members to the positive, because how the mother feels depends on how the children and even the husband will react and behave!

A photo session is a responsible event, and all preparation falls on the shoulders of a woman! But the better your mood, the more comfortable the shooting will be!! Relax and have fun! It is very important!

🙌 Are you ready to create your perfect photo shoot?


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