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Did the photos on your website come from a free stock photo site? Is your LinkedIn profile photo a boring headshot or a cell phone selfie? In today's business world, you have to find a balance between professional and inviting. Boring headshots and stock photos are out, personable images that show off your company's personality are in.

When people view your social media profiles or go to your website, they should instantly get the feeling of what it is like to work with you. They should see your office, your style. This way, when they meet you for the first time, they feel like they already know you. This makes it much easier for them to trust you, and you are well on your way to building a great customer relationship before they even walk in the door.

Whether I take your photos in a studio, at your office, or in another location, I make sure that your photos show off who you are. If you meet with your clients in casual settings wearing jeans, we will showcase that in your photos.

If you dress professionally and work in a stunning modern office, I will highlight that when I take your images.

Do you agree that these images are much more professional than cell phone selfies? When your photos are professional and creative, it creates an emotional response with who view it.

When you get a connection request from someone with a selfie as their profile photo on LinkedIn, you automatically assume this person is less professional than the request from someone with a high-quality headshot.

Think about it. You are probably make these assumptions without even realizing it.

Don't let bad images ruin your expensive website design or professional image. Let me help you take the perfect photos for your brand. Contact me.

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