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Radik and Tatiana’s Wedding

Beautiful couple Radik and Tatiana tied the knot on November 12, 2016. The location of the wedding was Vineland NJ and as a wedding photographer, I was pretty excited to shoot this particular one since I could sense that it was going to be pretty fun and I know Radik from my childhood.

Radik and Tatiana both seemed like those happy go lucky people who you smiling all the time and they light up the room as soon as they walk in. They both complimented each other so well and I truly enjoyed capturing them together.

All the boys helped Radik get ready and apart from the groom, the guys wore fun socks. Tatiana also had help from her friends all wore floral printed short gowns while getting ready. The beautiful bride wore this absolutely breathtaking white wedding gown and paired bright pink strappy heels with it.

Tatiana actually wore 2 dresses. The white one with the red shoes was for the ceremony and daytime photo shoot. During the reception and night photo shoot, she wore another white dress but this was a quite different from the previous one. She picked that dress since she liked both dresses and later we had plans of doing a night photo shoot at Downtown Philadelphia and I think it was a brilliant idea!

The ceremony and the reception were both amazing and everything went down like it was rehearsed a bunch of times. Throughout the entire day, everyone was laughing and having fun!

I really enjoyed shooting the couple and their family and friends because they were all fun to work with and they genuinely seemed happy to be there. The décor at the wedding was simple, elegant and classy.

I was really honored to be their destination wedding photographer as they invited me from Sacramento to Vineland to capture their special day.

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