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Haley And Jacob Magical Day

Haley and Jacob’s wedding was certainly something worth remembering. It was celebrated at this insanely beautiful place called Villa Florentina Coloma, CA. It was truly a magical place and the perfect destination to celebrate such a special day.

The bride got ready in this special room at the Villa where she was treated extra special. The pictures I took in that room while Haley was getting ready are magnificent. She looked gorgeous in her wedding dress and her husband was very much amazed to see her when she walked down the stairs.

The groom looked quite handsome himself and was surrounded and supported by his closest friends and family members.

The theme of the wedding was Burgundy, which is quite fashionable this year. All the bridesmaids were dressed in burgundy gowns and that went really well with the decorations.

The wedding ceremony went very smoothly and it was really great to see two people who love each other come as one. Because the villa had such a nice interior and exterior, we managed to take amazing photos of the bride and groom together. They looked really happy to get married, and I were equally happily to photography this special day for them.

The wedding reception was quite fun and entertaining where everyone just laughed, danced and enjoyed the night. I absolutely loved capturing every single moment of Haley and Jacob’s wedding.

I wish both these love birds good luck for their married life!

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