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Welcome to Olha Photography Blog

Hi, my name is Olha Melokhina and I am a photographer. I believe people are incredibly interesting and emotions are part of what makes them to be. Seeing how the face changes during a laugh, or how body language reflects mood are all fascinating studies and photography helps you capture that. That’s one of the reasons why I love photography. It’s a funny thing though, larger percentages of the people I know or have met think they aren’t photogenic but I believe that everyone is beautiful. Photographers know how to see the beauty in someone that might not even see it themselves. I don’t have an option but to love photography and be a photographer because it has allowed me to transfer my thoughts, visions and emotions into a piece of visual art and show that to the world in the photos is an incredible gift.

I would be sharing on this blog some of my photo shoots that are mainly commercial (business, product, food) fashion and weddings. I will also be sharing some recommendations about posing and photography in general like technical skills.

I would be posting information about places I am traveling to (I have seen so many new places and witnessed incredible sights because of my camera). I love to capture an adventure and one very common way people get interested in photography is through traveling. It’s the best way to document your adventure. All articles on this blog will be supported with a photo story (if there is any) story tell a story. Photography is a fantastic story-telling medium. Moreover, I want to do it because I want share love stories of couples who come to me and some interesting stuff that happens in my life.

In my work my goal to capture moments and the exact clicks that will bring a smile to your face in the near future. I am located in Sacramento and can travel to any place for business (photo shoot). I am ambitious in nature, detailed oriented, creative and I have the mind for business. I have been published many times because my works are cherished and loved. I see things differently, which has really help to push the envelope of my creativity to break new ground. One of the things you’ll notice is that most photos are of ordinary subjects, but are taken in an extraordinary manner; be it lighting, angle, contrast, background, foreground, focal length and so on. I go out and explore the great outdoors. (i.e. That means travel far and near!) It could be your neighborhood marketplace or a nearby park. Or, it could be going out and exploring on one of your vacations I am a curious photographer, I view and also review and I am playful and fun to be with. Indeed, being a photographer is a joyful experience.

Welcome to my blog!!!

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