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How to Prepare for Fall Family Photos

Fall is in the air, and it’s the perfect time to take family photos in Sacramento and the Bay Area. When I photograph your family, my goal is to capture you having fun and enjoying each other’s company.

How do you make sure you show up as your best? Preparation is key. Pick out your outfits in advance, and make sure they will match with your surroundings. We want you to look as beautiful as the trees and fall colors around you.

Dress for Fall Together

I love it when families coordinate their outfits. Here are some of my favorite fall looks:

  • Boys in plaid shirts featuring fall colors and girls in solid dresses and with matching plaid headbands

  • Matching scarves or hats for the whole family

  • Pets with collars to match the family’s accessories

  • Fall sweaters in earthy tones

  • Matching boots for mom and daughters or father and sons

  • Earthy toned floral dresses for mom and matching headbands for daughters

Be careful not to overmatch. If we can't see any contrast in your clothes, it's hard to see where one family member ends, and the next one begins.