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Alex and Bithiah Wedding

Alex and Bithiah tied the knot on October 28, 2016. It was a beautiful rainy day, and we were lucky that the rain stopped while the ceremony was taking place outside. After that was over and we went inside the villa, it started pouring hard! We were blessed that had a chance for outside ceremony!

The entire wedding ceremony went on as if it was rehearsed a million times. The wedding was held at Grand Island Mansion, which is one of the finest historical wedding and reception villa in Northern California. It’s the perfect place to host such a special occasion, which is why Alex and Bithiah picked this place.

Alex got ready in the men’s dressing room which was next to the billiard room. We managed to capture some great images of the groom and groom’s men while they were all putting on the final touches. As for Bithiah, she got ready in an elegant looking Asian room situated on the second floor. Her wedding gown was beyond beautiful; in fact it looked like something straight out of a princess movie.